I have been a patient with Dr. Michael Lancellotti for several years now. He primarily helps me with the pain and problems associated with TMJ as well as an imbalance in my legs and over pronation. He also suggested custom orthotics, which I have been wearing now for over three years. I first sought Dr. Lancellotti's help, my TMJ restricted me from being able to do what I love most: singing. In addition, it caused me a lot of discomfort in my jaw, neck, and upper back areas. Also, I have been a long-distance runner ever since middle school (for about twenty years now) and, during all the years before I sought Dr. Lancellotti's intervention, I experienced pain in my muscles and joints not realizing much of it was coming from an imbalance in my feet. Ever since I started getting the monthly adjustment, wearing the custom orthotics I ordered through Dr. Lancellotti's office, and doing the exercises he suggested me to do, i have been pain and discomfort free. In fact, my problem with over pronation is slowly being corrected. Every time I sing or run is a remind me of just home much Dr. Lancellotti had helped me.

            Dr. Lancellotti is a caring and effective chiropractor, who truly loves and enjoys helping people. I trust him and have been 100% satisfied with the treatment plan he has created for me.

 -Catherine Lavallee

I am fortunate to be one of Dr. Lancellotti's patients. I had to come to his office in early August with my arm literally on the top of my head as that was the only position that I could stand the pain that was radiating from my neck all the way down my arm. I could only sleep on my back which was torture for me since I normally sleep on my side. This threw off my whole sleeping pattern and I was only able to sleep 3 to 4 hours a night. I was sent for x-rays and a follow-up MRI which showed exactly what Dr. Lancellotti thought it was, three protruding disc.

An option he suggested to avoid surgery was decompression. I decided to try it since I will do anything to avoid surgery. I was treated 3 times a week and in the middle of my 20 sessions I had a vacation planned. He came in on his day off just so I could get a session in, as I would miss 5 days. At night I would ice the area for about 20 minutes to help with any inflammation.

Each well I began to feel better. I have completed  my 20 sessions and have to say I can move around so much better and I have returned to sleeping on my side which in turn resulted in my normal 8 hours of sleep a night.

So, the words that come to mind to describe Dr. Lancellotti, and the exceptional care I received with him? Genuine, kindness, trustworthily, passionate, and a friend. 


Decompression: My experience with decompression was a positive one. The pulling and retracting is slow and comfortable. When the sessions where done there was a feeling of relief in my lower back. The tightness of the belt took some getting used to, but they insure that there is no slipping on the table. For myself the process was a good one. 

I have been a patient of Dr. Mike for over 30 years.  Hence, I trust his judgment when it comes to chiropractic and my body.  He and his methods have kept me surgery free for all of that time.  About six months ago, I came to him barely able to walk or move comfortably due to a degenerative condition involving my spine and legs.  Not getting any relief with normal adjustments and exercises, he had me try a few sessions with his decompression table.  He also explained the whole routine and number of treatments that it would entail.  I was in a lot of pain, totally miserable and quite desperate.  I invested in myself and my health and it turned out to be a very wise decision.  It worked.  Thanks Dr. Lancellotti. 


Robert Boscia

I first went to Dr. Lancellotti in February.  I had severe pain in my neck, shoulder and arm.  We started with traction manipulation but it really was not doing the trick.  Dr. Lancellotti explained to me about decompression therapy.  I agreed to try it.  It is the best thing I have done myself.  In just three to four treatments I was feeling much better and close to completing my 20 visit program.  I feel better now than I did before I hurt myself.  Thanks Dr. Lancellotti.


John Chartier

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